Dan Swann, playing Bodhran in forcenra. The chief of Ancestors Artisans.

My name is Dan Swann, and I have been working with my hands ever since I received them! however in this context, I have been creating items of an Earthy Magical nature for 16 years. I work in wood, bone, antler, stone and leather.I choose materials from the land around me and gather little bits from here and there. I draw my inspiration from the time of our ancestors. I knapp flint and obsidian, bind and glue with natural materials which I gather locally, and bring them together in a conscious way. I have lived in Glastonbury in Somerset since 1998, spending some time living out on the land; in the woods and out on the moors, those times have been formative, and I still have a passion to be in nature and wild places.

I wanted to create a platform to share and exhibit mine, my friends and the work of spirits akin to mine, and was inspired to create Ancestors Artisans to allow me to do this.

Here you will find the work of crafts people and friends that compliment my work in a kindred way.

All our work is individual in its nature, sharing a common passion of days gone by, the Wild World and Magic seldom to be found elsewhere.  



Bronze Cast Spear by D W Chapman.

The Bronze Age Foundry

Welcome to the Bronze Age Foundry, dedicated to reproducing tools, weapons and artefacts from the Bronze Age and running workshops giving you the opportunity to cast and finish your own Bronze Age sword or artefact.

It was set up by bronze founder, sculptor and artist Dave W. Chapman in 1995 and since then has been involved in various film, tv and radio productions including the Time Team and R4 documentaries. Hundreds of people have attended his workshops, walking away with their own finished Bronze Age pieces.

On this website you can browse his shop, book a place on a workshop and find out what Bronze Age bronze casting is all about.



Simon Smith my friend and skilled artisan.

Simon Smith AKA Smitty

Based in Wookey Hole, Somerset, near Bath and Bristol (i.e. the SouthWest) but available to work nationally and internationally, we are comprised of a group of artists who come together and create projects of any size, type or material. Simon Smith, D´Fly Studio´s owner, trained at the Old Vic Theatre in Bristol, England where he learned to make props. This taking up of "formal" training was inspired by a life long love of and interest in making things.

More heads are however, often better than one.! So from collaborative multi-material prop making techniques to carpentry, mould making, body casting, and electronics, we are more than capable to help you extend, and even go beyond the limits of what your imagination can create, no matter how small or large your project might be.




Beautiful Flutes Made By Blue Deer Spirit.

I would like to explain about the way I work. I like to work by hand, usually outdoors by the river. I connect with my surroundings, the river the trees the birds that sing, the spirals in the water as they hit the rocks, even the gentle breeze helps in the making of my flutes. I keep in mind the person that I am making the flute for, and if I dont know the person, I usually say positive affirmations as I'm working, and giving thanks for the honour of being the craftsman that brings these flutes into being.
 Taking the craft out into nature instead of a dusty, noisy workshop makes a better flute for the player. It is created in a meditative state and many people who have played my flutes say they can feel the calm, The direction the river has added, or the song the birds have added, they feel rooted like the tree grounded but also expanding outwards etc etc. This is my intention, and my purpose! I thought this was important to let my potential customers know. The flute is not just a musical instrument, it is a spiritual tool and a companion.