Welcoming in the New Year!


Form, Function, Story, Art.

I was recently at the Bristol museum and art gallery with a good friend of mine and we were admiring the ancient relics of Egypt and China. My companion and I were discussing how much attention to detail simple items had been given. Each wonderful piece was adorned with pictures and intricate patterns, the artisans responsible for the jug or cup had turned the article into a story board or a mythological allegory. We wondered why so many things nowadays are made with little or no attention in this regard.
"Things are just not made to last very long."

Here is the new work

 Finding my creative flow, I have been working in a yurt in my garden and my shed. making furiously I now have some items of my current work available for sale on my website. all of my items are generally on offs however i can replicate all of them with some variance of materials. please contact me for ideas of what is available.