Sann Cave paintings

Ethos & Inspiration

Here at Ancestors Artisans, we enjoy a passionate relationship to the natural world and the folklore and mythology that surrounds the ancient isles of Albion. We draw our inspiration from the Wild Woods and the stories within their silva, hidden groves, ditches and fairy forts. Fuelled by myths of hidden little people, who work and play beneath the hills, we call in nature spirits while we work and draw down the Heroes of old to witness our magical creations.

Living in Somerset Dan Swann has for many years been steeped in and inspired by a vast array of mythology and legend, Arthurian, ancient "Celtic" pre-Christian and early Christian. 

Bringing it all together here at Ancestors Artisans, we use ancient skill sets and bygone techniques to create a portfolio of wonderful creations, both magical and functional, aesthetic, wacky and wild.

Using locally gathered materials, home made glues and natural finishes where possible, we bring to life our ancestors ways and keep the old traditions alive. From bow making to fire starting, knapped flint knives to bronze casted spears, we produce a wide range of crafts.

The stones we use are not mined but have been gathered in a mindful way or recycled, as with the wood and bone and antler we use. We use recycled leather or that sourced from local crafts people. The materials we use and the consciousness with which we work are very important to us, we never take too much from one place or dig to deep into the Earth.

We always work with trees in a Spiritual way and treat them as sentient beings that deserve reverence and honour, the way that our ancestors saw them; bringing the spirit of the material into the work so that everyone can share in the Magic of the Natural World.