As an artisan I am frequently asked to create bespoke peices of work for people. I have created many peices of work for customers and friends, including Magical and Healing tools, for example wands and staffs, smudge fans with cured bird wings and wood or bone handles, I have hafted bronze spears and put handles on bronze knives, I have made leather bags and pouches, sheaths for knives and scabbards for swords.
I often repair leather work (for example bags, belts, clothing, and footwear) and I can do almost anything with leather given time!
I am also happy to augment any item you already have if it is within my capabilities to do so without damaging the existing item.  
I love working for individuals to create exactly the right item for the persons needs and tastes, it is a real joy.
If you have an idea and would like to commission me to create an item out of bog oak, wood, bone, stone, leather, antler or any other materials which appeal to you, I would be very happy to talk to you.
Please contact me via the Contact Page.